This is difficult living as I do in bad weather climate most of the year! the autumn season is upon us and hurricanes abound.

Scratching the invisible itch will not bring any relief I am sad to say!

For others it can be after a stressful or exciting occasion.

Writing about a new theory regarding brains and bodies, Atul Gawande (in the discusses the newer ideas regarding itching.

In the article The Itch he points out how “we experience things that seem physically real but aren’t: sensations of itching that arise from nothing more than itchy thoughts; dreams that can seem indistinguishable from reality; phantom sensations that amputees have in their missing limbs”.

What could possibly be happening to the person with fibromyalgia who cannot find relief from an aggravation as severe as itching that could even cause open wounds, rashes and other skin lesions?

Unlike the frustrations of a disease such as eczema, or a fungal infection of ringworm, or an autoimmune disorder of psoriasis, the itching of fibromyalgia does not seem to have a specific label which can be attached to it.

Furthermore, be aware that after reading The Itch you will begin to itch! For me it should be about watching the weather reports and trying to find ways of ‘brain state conditioning’ (again, not an easy task!

) when I know a dramatic weather change is about to happen.

The muscles and glands interpret the messages and will either contract or withdraw, or conversely, respond in another way.

It seems likely that in fibromyalgia there is a disruption in the neurotransmitters and intense itching occurs, in particular when there are unusual events that the brain interprets as unfamiliar.

I refer the reader to my link of Diane Jacobs PT who uses a technique of dermoneuromodulation to help downregulate the central and peripheral nervous system.

Itching, it seems, is related to perception or better yet, misperception of the brain which must be retrained or reconditioned.

Often, for me, it is when the weather changes, particularly on rainy, humid or windy days.