By Srinivas Krishnaswamy: With changing lifestyle, increasing urbanization, greater exposure to western culture and media, our opinions about love and marriages are changing rapidly.

When it comes to arranged marriages, Indians seem to have a love-hate relationship!

“Indian dating” is a relatively new concept, with arranged marriages traditionally representing the overwhelming majority of marriages in India.

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If you’re not living in India — one-on-one dating in public might be a little taboo to some — head online to find your Indian soul mate. Are you hoping to find someone who shares traditional values, or are your own values and ideas considerably more liberal than those of your upbringing?

Online matchmaking sites allow you to specify who and what you’re looking for. Online dating helps you focus your dating search and, depending on your preferences, can introduce you to Indians in your neighborhood and around the world.

Others will be open to their offspring finding love matches — with the expectation that they’ll wed another Indian.

Others still will be open to their children loving anyone, regardless of culture or heritage.

You would have noticed that wedding rituals have been evolving with every generation discarding some practices and embracing new traditions.

For example, my grandparents had a 5-day wedding while mine was over in a day.If the man you’re dating isn’t clear about what he’s looking for, ask him.Casual dating, sex, marriage and family are all issues that can quickly determine the direction — and potential success — of a relationship.If you just nodded your head in agreement, think again!There are several reasons why arranged marriages will not disappear as fast as you think they will.There are several reasons why arranged marriages can have a polarizing effect on our society.