Return trains from Cologne to Hamburg are also available.

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Other forms of sexual abuse by law enforcement officials, including the threat of rape, verbal sexual abuse, and mocking, designed to degrade and humiliate, may also constitute torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

According to Amnesty International's information, there has been only a small number of convictions of police officers for the rape of female detainees.

Between 19 Amnesty International received reports of more than 30 incidents of rape or other sexual abuse of women or girls in custody.

The organization fears that this figure represents only a fraction of the real number of cases.

Approximately seven to eight percent of PNP officers were women.

The PNP has a Women and Children's Unit to deal with these issues.Reaching your train is easy if you are coming from central Hamburg.The Hauptbahnhof is located on all 4 of Hamburg's U-Bahn lines, but it is central enough to reach by foot from many hotels.y por qué no, hacerse acompañar de una cervecita y comida para pasar un rato agradable con los amigos.Pero fue hasta las cinco y media cuando Los Blenders comenzaron a tocar ante los asistentes, quienes comenzaron a prender los motores y lo lograron, ya que los ahí presentes bailaban con sus pegajosas canciones que le daban el toque adecuado para seguir con el momento de fiesta que se estaba viviendo.Trains from Hamburg to Cologne are operated by Deutsche Bahn, and a direct connection will take just over 4 hours to make the journey.