i Play America also features an outstanding selection of food options.

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Convenient to the major population centers of the Northeast, yet a world apart, Morey's Piers along with Morey Hotels & Resorts combines the pure joy of an amusement park, the sights and sounds of a classic boardwalk, and outstanding accommodations with the rhythm of beach life.

Visit the SURFSIDE PIER (featuring the OCEAN OASIS WATER PARK & BEACH CLUB at 25th Avenue), MARINER'S PIER (featuring RAGING WATERS WATER PARK at Schellenger Avenue), and ADVENTURE PIER at Spencer Avenue. For more information, visit phone 609-522-3900 or like on Facebook. The City of i Play America is New Jersey’s best place to GET INSIDE THE FUN!

Blackbeard's Cave also has batting cages where you can start with slow pitch and move up to 92mph, as well as the Battle Tank Tags, where players can ride as gunners or drivers in their special battlefield.

There are plenty of fun things to do for children of all ages at Blackbeard's Cave.

Seaside Heights, NJ is waiting for you this summer!

Don't miss a visit to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark in the heart of the Jersey Shore.

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Experience all of New Jersey’s action-packed amusement and theme parks!

It features white sandy beaches, fun games, mini golf courses, aquarium, arcades, thrilling rides and exciting attractions.