This was followed by four years at highly selective Amherst College in Massachusetts, where Prince Albert of Monaco was also a student, and two years of acting classes at the Julliard School in Manhattan.The only part of this education that Anthony seems to recall with great enthusiasm is the skiing in Switzerland.Meanwhile, Anthony's efforts to become an actor in New York went nowhere.

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WHEN your doting father is a screen legend with a palatial estate in the hills above Hollywood, and your loving wife is one of the most beautiful women in the world, you might think that life would be one long smile of contentment."My life had stopped working," he recalls, as he sips mineral water in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, his expression rather weary.

At 45, he looks like a man whose body is still undergoing rehabilitation from the hardships of a misspent youth.

He is fit and tanned, but his face is so long and lean that it looks almost gaunt, with tired eyes and grooves running down his cheeks.

The main cause of this misery was a massive drink problem that repeatedly put his life in jeopardy, placed a heavy strain on his relationship with his father and destroyed his storybook marriage."I had a disease that made me self-destructive," he says of his alcoholism.

He took one look at her and fell in love."Here was this beautiful woman with a great figure who was on magazine covers all over the world, and I just looked at her and thought, 'Wow'.

It really was love at first sight."So what went wrong? She's a fabulous person, a very funny girl with great looks. But when we stopped living together and got married, I just wasn't at my best.

And falling in love with Cheryl Tiegs didn't help, because her success eclipsed him, too.

He met her in 1983, when he was still in his twenties and fresh out of acting school, and her rise to fame as a supermodel seemed as effortless as his father's success.

No expense was spared on the two children of this golden second marriage.