A second generation of innovators continued and expanded those roles.This book profiles 20 divers from widely varying backgrounds who have shaped the diving industry through its evolution that continues to this day.

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When I could get close enough to look around the heads I focused on the storyteller.

Not only did he have the full attention of his audience, he had them body and soul. We often shared the stage at film festivals and gatherings. I ultimately tried to precede Bret with the best story I could uncork and have now learned to avoid ever following his act.

Many of the persons interviewed were my good friends or colleagues or both.

Some I had never met (wreck explorer John Chatterton and filmmaker Greg Mac Gillivray).

Pitino was cited for a failure to monitor and was to be suspended for the first five Atlantic Coast Conference games in the 2017-18 season, and the school will be placed on four years of probation.

Louisville also had to vacate records in which three student-athletes involved competed while ineligible and will have four scholarships reduced during its probationary period.

We met many years ago at one of those raucous, salubrious cocktail receptions by the Boston Sea Rovers.

I joined a circle that had formed around a booming, resonant deep voice.

Lavishly illustrated with photography accompanying the text, the reader is taken inside the fascinating careers of diving’s most intriguing personalities.